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SLT By-Laws


Bylaws of the School Leadership Team of M.S. 129

Academy for Independent Learning & Leadership


Adopted November 2, 2016


Article I – School Leadership Team Mission Statement (and) Education Vision


The mission of the School Leadership Team of M.S. 129 Academy for Independent Learning & Leadership is to support the improvement of the teaching and learning curriculum, examine the needs of the students and families that we serve, and devise ways to help all students meet and exceed the standards, and become independent learners and exemplary models of leadership.  We will accomplish this by being responsible for developing the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and ensuring that it is aligned with the school-based budget.



Article II – Team Composition


Section 1             Size of Team

The total number of members shall be fourteen.  The team shall maintain an equal number of parent and staff members, six from each constituency.


Section 2             Mandatory Members

The only three mandatory members of the SLT are the school’s principal, The Parent Association/Parent-Teacher Association (PA/PTA) President and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Chapter Leader.  Mandatory members of the SLT may designate another member of their constituent group to serve in their stead.



Section 3             Members at Large

                             The remaining members of the team shall consist of:

  • 6 elected parent members
  • 6 elected UFT members
  • 1 elected DC 37 member
  • 1 community based organization member



Section 4             Election of Team Members

Parent and staff SLT members must be elected by their own constituent group in a fair and unbiased manner determined by each constituent group. All elections must be advertised widely, with reasonable advance notice given. Elections must be open to all members of the constituent group and must be held in accordance with the term limits set forth in these bylaws.


Parent member elections must be scheduled after PA/PTA elections are held each Spring. Parents must be provided a minimum of ten calendar days written notice prior to the election. The PA/PTA is encouraged to stagger the terms of the non-mandatory parent members of the SLT.


Our student team member will be the Student Council President

as elected by the student body of the school and shall serve for a period of one school year. Student team members will be included in the total number of team members, but will not be counted when determining the balance of parent and staff members


The team may, by consensus, choose to create a seat or seats on the team for community based organizations. The team will create a process for the organizations to apply for membership. A mem-ber of the team may also recommend an organization for member-ship. This will be done on an annual basis. Community based or-ganization members will be included in the total number of team members, but will not be counted when determining the balance of parent and staff members.


Elections held to fill vacancies due to resignation, cessation of member eligibility, or removal pursuant to Article IV will be conducted by the appropriate constituent group prior to the next scheduled team meeting. Team members elected to fill vacancies shall be eligible to serve until the completion of that term.        


Section 5             Chairperson/Co-Chairpersons


Selection Method - The Chairperson shall be selected by consensus of the team and shall serve for a period of one year. If the team opts to elect Co-Chairpersons, they will share the role of Chairperson as outlined in these bylaws. The election shall take place at the September meeting.

Role - The Chairperson is responsible for scheduling meetings, ensuring that team members have the information necessary to guide their planning, and focusing the team on educational issues of importance to the school. The Chairperson ensures that voices of all team members are heard


Section 6             Additional Leadership Roles


Secretary – The secretary will be responsible for sending SLT meeting notices and for keeping the minutes of SLT meetings. Such minutes must be maintained at the school, with a copy provided to the PA/PTA. The school principal may designate an office staff member to assist the SLT secretary.

Facilitator – The Facilitator shall advise the Chairperson and other team members on matters of Parliamentary Procedure.


Financial Liaison – The Financial Liaison shall assume responsibility for documenting member participation for the purposes determining eligibility for the annual SLT remuneration.


Timekeeper – The Timekeeper ensures that all agenda items are discussed by monitoring the allotment of time afforded each item.


Selection Method – Additional leadership roles will be filled by consensus of the team at the October meeting and shall serve for a period of one year.





Section 7             Length of Term and Term Limits


Team members, with the exception of mandatory members, student members, and community based organization members, are elected for two year terms. However, all members must remain eligible to serve pursuant to Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 for the duration of their term.



Members may not serve more than one consecutive terms. However, if no other willing, eligible candidate is identified for a particular constituent group, a member may be elected for an additional term.



Section 8             Responsibilities of School Leadership Team Members


Team members, including those additional roles outlined in these bylaws, are responsible for developing an annual school Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget for the ensuing school year. The school-based budget provides the fiscal parameters within which the SLT will develop the goals and objectives to meet the needs of students and the school’s educational program.


The SLT shall provide an annual assessment to the community, district or high school superintendent of the principal’s record of developing an effective shared decision-making relationship with the SLT members during the year.


The SLT will serve as the vehicle for consultation with parent representatives regarding federal reimbursable funding (e.g., Title I). The SLT will coordinate with other school committees such as the Parent Association/Parent Teacher Association and the Title I Committee to ensure that all school-wide committees are working toward the same goals set forth in the CEP.


Team members must work collaboratively by sharing their ideas and concerns and listening to the ideas and concerns of others; engaging in collaborative problem-solving and solution-seeking that will lead to consensus-based decisions.


Team members must communicate effectively with their constituent groups and share the views of their constituencies with the team.




Article III – Team Meetings



Section 1             Schedule of Meetings


The School Leadership Team shall meet at least once a month during the school year. All meetings shall be shall be held on Wednesdays from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Additional meetings will be scheduled by the Chairperson as needed or upon request by the team members. Meetings will be scheduled at a time convenient for parent members on the team. Parent members will be polled each year to determine a convenient time for team meetings.


Members who miss more than two consecutive meetings without rendering in writing a good and valid excuse will be subject to removal from the team.


Section 2             Notice of Team Meetings


The School Leadership Team will establish a yearly calendar which shall be posted in the general office, front security desk, in the parent coordinator’s office and M.S. 129 bulletin board at front entrance, school website and outside of chapter leader’s door, at the beginning of each school year. The calendar shall be distributed at the first meeting of the parent association each school year. The Chairperson will send meeting reminders one week prior to all meetings by school mailbox and backpack, postal mail, email, or telephone.

Section 3             Meeting Attendance


School Leadership Team members are expected to attend all meetings. If team members are unable to attend the meeting, they must contact the Chairperson in advance of the meeting.


Section 4             Quorum


Eight SLT members including representation from each constituent group shall constitute a quorum. Each constituent group shall be responsible for ensuring that their group is adequately represented at each meeting.




Section 5             Order of Business


  • Call to Order
  • Reading and Approval of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  • Committee Reports
  • Discussion of Unfinished Business Agenda Items
  • Discussion of New Business Agenda Items
  • Creation of Agenda for the Next Meeting
  • Adjournment


Section 6             Compliance of Open Meeting Law


In accordance to the New York State Appellate Division decision ruling all School Leadership Team meetings will be open to the general public and the press.  Such visitors will be allowed to observe the meetings (with the exception of Executive Sessions, see below), but are not included in any discussions, and has no part in the decision making process.  These rights are reserved for the elected members of the School Leadership Team.


Persons from the general public and/or press will sit outside the perimeter of the School Leadership Team’s member circle at a distance of no less than four feet from the SLT members. 


The SLT will go into Executive Session and members will remove themselves from the public meeting to discuss certain confidential topics, such as School Safety Plans, preparation or administration of examinations, current or future investigations, or proposed or pending litigation.


Article IV - Removal of a School Leadership Team Member



Section 1             Removal Process


Team members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings, fail to perform their roles and responsibilities as outlined in these bylaws, or behave in a manner that is disruptive and undermining to the work of the Team will be removed by consensus of the remaining team members. The School Leadership Team must have a quorum of members present and reach unanimous agreement when deciding to remove a member. The member shall be provided a written notice of the Team’s decision. The letter shall include the reason for the removal and the member’s right to


appeal the decision. The letter shall be signed by the Chairperson or Co-Chairpersons and shall be sent by registered return receipt mail delivery to ensure proper notification and receipt.


Section 2             Filling a Vacancy


When a member resigns or is removed, the vacancy will be advertised to the appropriate constituent group and an election will be held in accordance with these bylaws.




Article VI – Decision-Making



Section 1             Consensus-based decision-making is the primary means of all of our School Leadership Team decisions.  Consensus will be decide by majority vote.


If the vote is tied the team agrees to continue discussion on the topic in a debate format with opposing sides giving their best argument for their decision.  If necessary the team will invite outside parties who are experts on any specific topics to help the team achieve consensus.



Article VII – Conflict Resolution




Section 1             Assistance from the District Leadership Team (DLT)


The School Leadership Team will seek assistance from the DLT or appropriate superintendent when members cannot reach agreement on an issue. Where team members have difficulty obtaining information or wish to obtain assistance in resolving issues relating to consultation with the school principal, they may seek assistance from the DLT or superintendent. If after receiving assistance from the DLT or superintendent, the Team still cannot reach agreement on the CEP, the principal will make the final determination.





Section 2             Assistance from the Office for Family Engagement and Advocacy (OFEA)


If the DLT or superintendent is unable to resolve such issues to the satisfaction of team members, team members may send a written request for assistance to the designated OFEA engagement staff.


Article VIII – Bylaws Review and Amendment


The bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the team, provided notice of any proposed changes has been given at a previous meeting. In addition, the bylaws will be reviewed annually, at the start of the school year to ensure that the document’s provisions meet the needs of the team and remain consistent with Chancellor’s Regulation A-655.


These bylaws were amended on November 2, 2016 and are on file in the principal’s office.