As you may be aware, we have the opportunity to witness a remarkable astronomical event—a solar eclipse— on April 8th, 2024 between 2:10 PM and 4:30 PM. This rare occurrence offers an incredible learning opportunity for our students, allowing them to observe one of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles.  

To ensure the safety of our students during dismissal, we have purchased solar eclipse viewing glasses that adhere to the rigorous safety standards recommended by the American Astronomical Society. These will be distributed to all students on the day of the eclipse, enabling them to safely observe the eclipse's phases without risk to their eyesight.

Please discuss the significance of this eclipse with your children and note the importance of looking at the eclipse only when using solar viewing glasses.  Our primary goal is to ensure a safe and educational experience for all involved.  

Please see the links provided below for more information on the eclipse and additional resources. Thank you for your continued support in making this a memorable and educational experience for our students.  

NYSED New York State Total Solar Eclipse

NYCPS Total Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse New York: Engaging interactive maps and videos about the eclipse path in New York.

NASA's Eclipses: The NASA Eclipses page explains how eclipses occur when the Earth, Moon, and Sun align, showcasing the scientific and observational opportunities these events offer. It highlights the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse across North America and emphasizes the importance of safety when viewing solar eclipses, recommending the use of proper solar viewing glasses.

American Astronomical Society - Solar Eclipse Across America: The website is dedicated to the April 8, 2024, Great North American Solar Eclipse, offering detailed information about the event where the Moon's shadow will cross from Mexico to Eastern Canada through the U.S. It emphasizes the path of totality, eye safety guidelines, imaging tips, and educational resources. The site aims to prepare viewers for the event, ensuring safe and enjoyable observation experiences.