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Calling All Artists!

Art Club is a great opportunity for any students who are interested in applying to art high schools to build their admissions portfolio, learn how to act during an interview, and practice skills that will be tested at the high school auditions.


Students strengthen their skills while they create work in a variety of visual art forms; painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, and printmaking. The end result being a portfolio that best represents their work as an artist. Students will also learn about a variety of artists and art forms. Giving them an array of styles to work with, and develop.


Often students have an interest in studying Visual Arts but have not had a lot of opportunity to hone their skills as an artist. Art Club is the perfect opportunity for them to really focus on a variety of medias and discover where they are talented. Art Club is open to any student, in grades 6 – 8, with an interest in developing a portfolio for high school auditions.